Wednesday, December 20, 2006

V is for Vase

This is one of the first pieces of North Carolina pottery I ever bought. It is a piece of Raku pottery. After the piece is taken out of the kiln, it is placed in some type of combustible material like straw, sawdust or newspaper. I was mainly attracted to the psychedelic colors. I also like that it has a matte finish. A lot of the Raku potter I see has a high sheen and often a metallic feel.

I bought this vase at the State Fair a couple of years back. I love the green color and shape of this vase. I think that this was done with a Raku technique as well.

If you don't know, North Carolina has an abundance of potters and several pottery festivals. There is even a tent set up at the fair where local potters sell their goods. The Seagrove area has such a festival and you can visit many of the potters at their studio/kiln. Sanford North Carolina has a pottery festival too.

I like the idea of local craftsmen and often try and find special gifts at the festivals. You can find things from very functional and practical to highly decorative art pieces. It is amazing the wide variety of styles and finishes that are available.

I've always said if I win the lottery that I'd take some time and try an apprenticeship with a potter. I would love to learn how to throw pots and use a wheel and master a bunch of different glaze techniques with a kiln.

This is another favorite. It has a neat three sided shape and is made with a salt glaze. Salt glaze usually results in things appearing a little more rustic, but I love how this one has glass melted around the circumference.

The picture here actually shows the backside of the vase. The little white circles are from where the vase sat on little pegs in the kiln. You can also see how the glass melted around the vase and ended up with little glass buttons at the back.

Only a few more letters to go and I will have made it through the alphabet. I'm almost sure I'll be able to do this before the end of the year. I sat down last night to figure out the last remaining letters and the only thing I'm still not sure about is X.


Monika said...

How beautiful they are, all three of them!

Zonda said...

Those are gorgeous! You have awesome taste! Great V post! :)

Bezzie said...

Oh my goodness! They're both gorgeous! (I can't believe you have cats! My naughty kitties would have ruined those by now!)

Angela said...

Yayyyy!!! North Carolina Pottery! Nice, Shannon:) Very beautiful pieces you have. I met someone who throws pottery. She was asking where she could acquire some angora yarn. She uses it to make feathery lines on her pottery...very pretty.

I am enjoying your alphabet:)


Dipsy D. said...

My gosh, these vases are absolutely amazing! I truly adore all of them and can't pick a favourite for the life of me - okay, I'd take #1!;) These are real pieces of art indeed!

turtlegirl76 said...

Gorgeous! And the pics of them came out fabulous too! Especially in that first one! Very cool.


The green one is my favourite - it's really beautiful and looks sort of Chinese to me but I don't know enough about pottery to know why that is.

Team said...

Beautiful bowls...I can't believe the raku piece was actually made out of clay, it is so delicate. I think you shouldn't wait for the lottery, and just sign up for some ceramics classes, either through one of your local studios or through the local adult school/junior college. (They're often less expensive!) It's really rewarding and I think you'd enjoy it!