Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thirty Six Inches of Stockinette!

Well I've been working on Widget's stocking as I have time and I've go the knitting finished! The pattern came from a book of Christmas stocking patterns. It is actually just a simple top down stockinette sock with a short foot.

I have actually knit this pattern twice before and it was early enough in my knitting career that I was still actively keeping a notebook on all my projects. So I was able to follow what I had done previously row by row.

My first two stockings took three and a half skeins. This one took just over four skeins. I don't know where the extra yarn went. This one is just a little longer than my notes indicate the last one was -but not that off. I even used the same needles.

I guess it probably has to do with gauge. That is something that I didn't track on this project or the previous stockings at all. I almost never worry  about gauge and especially on felting projects. I'll chalk it up to gauge and just be glad that I had enough yarn in my stash to cover the difference.

Now I just have to do the felting. Hopefully I will be able to get it felted soon. But I might wait until I get something else knitted up to felt. I've been thinking of making another felted bag with some more Noro Kureyon I have stashed . I just have to decide on a pattern.

In the meantime, I've picked up an old project and started working on it again. I'm  committed to working on old projects or knitting strictly from my stash. So hopefully I'll have some progress to report on that project soon.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Swissy Sunday

Well the Swissys are still here and doing well, but they are now having to share the stage and our attention with Widget. Sherman is a little indifferent to Widget, but Scarlett is always interested in what he is doing. Sometimes I think she is just as interested in the toys as he is. One thing is for sure, the dogs and the baby make this a busy house. It is nice when everyone decides to take a nap at the same time. I'm able to get laundry folded or a few rows of knitting done.

But the minute one of them gets up, the fun starts again. This time Widget decided to catch Scarlett by the tail. He did pull, but I think she is so much that bigger that she didn't even feel the tugging. He does love watching them and reaching out for them. He likes feeling the texture of the fur.

One of the neat things to see is Widget's face when we get home in the evening from work/daycare. He lights right up and starts laughing and smiling at both of them as they come to the door to greet us. We never leave this group unattended, but it is great to have everyone get along and play nice.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Funky Monkeys

Widget has been the recipient of many fine knitted gifts, most are from his grandma (my mom). She has been knitting up a storm since she found out she was to have a grandchild. I think she had about given up on the possibility, but she took to the idea with gusto! She surprised us with these monkeys on our trip home over the July 4th holiday.

The monkeys are great, but they will have to sit on the shelf for now. The button eyes are great, but make them unsuitable play toys for the time being. Everything Widget gets makes its way to his mouth sooner or later.

One of the nice things about all of her knitting is that she is using some of my stashed yarn and patterns. Each time she comes for a visit, she goes through my stash and takes home some skeins for new projects. I had originally bought the yarn and pattern for this project, but it is nice to see it done for Widget. No telling how long it would be before I got around to knitting them.

The monkeys are knit from Socks That Rock Heavyweight. The pattern is written for both the large and small monkey. The main color of the large monkey is Lapis and the small monkey is primarily knit from the Amber color. The report from grandma is that the pattern was straight forward and not difficult. The project started with two full skeins, but there was a lot leftover; probably enough for another large sized monkey.

Project Info

Pattern: Funky Sock Monkey
by cockeyed sockateer
Yarn: Socks That Rock
Heavyweight in Amber and Lapis
Notes: Knit according to pattern; no pipe cleaners used for legs or tails.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Is that Knitting I see?

I'm finally knitting again! It's hard to believe and I have no idea if it will last but it seems like I'm finally getting into a rhythm with handling all my new parent type responsibilities. I'm sure that means that Widget will be throwing a wrench into the works soon.

I've finally gotten a new laptop and I'm itching to get started with my knitting and craft projects and blogging. Every time I walk by my spinning wheel or see a skein of yarn or knitting needles I want to get working on a new project.

I'm guessing that I won't be quite as prolific a knitter and spinner as I once was, but hopefully I can still make things interesting enough to share. So for starters, I decided to start with an easy knitting project to get the ball rolling. I'm working on a Christmas stocking for Widget.

I knit and felted stockings for myself and Mr. Knit Me a River, so I decided that Widget ought to have one too. I figure the project is easy and with minimal effort even I ought to be able to finish it by Christmas. I started with some Noro Kureyon I had stashed. I found my knitting notebook and all my notes from my first stocking (from 2006!) are there and ready to follow. It's really just one big stockinette sock knit on size 11 needles.

In other happenings around Geddesburg, Widget is growing and progressing as expected. He is about six and a half months old and just the absolute best thing I've ever done. He's starting solid foods and I'm making all his food right now.It's not hard at all and it certainly is a lot cheaper. Maybe I'll blog the process with the peaches I'm getting ready to prepare for him. It will be his first time eating peaches.

I'll post an update on Scarlett and Sherman soon too. They are doing well and like any attention they can get now that they are having to share the limelight with a new baby.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter!

Just hopping by to wish you all a Happy Easter from the cutest Easter bunny I've ever seen.

Tomorrow is a big day for us here at Geddesburg. I'll be going back to work for the first time in three months and Widget will be starting daycare. I've spent the weekend getting everything together and getting things in order. Crib sheets, bottles, bottle warmer, diapers, wipes, and extra clothes, I think I'll need a grocery cart to get in all into the place on Monday morning.
I'm amazed at how much daycare costs and all the stuff I'm still responsible for providing. That's not even counting all the other baby costs. I'm not sure how any of you with kids afford fiber or yarn. I can tell you my yarn and fiber purchasing is totally on hold for awhile. It's a good thing I have a nice stash!

I am hoping that Widget and I will adjust to the new schedule okay. I'm also hoping to sneak a little more blogging time in the week. So if you are still out there don't give up on me yet.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Coming Back

As my maternity leave comes to an end, I'm trying to get things together to go back to work and get things going to get Widget ready for daycare. I'm sad my time at home is coming to an end, but I have to face it so I'm prepared.

Widget is still breast feeding and resistant to bottles. So that is one thing to overcome. He also needs to get used to sleeping in a crib. He has been sleeping his swing seat. It comes off the swing base and I set it next to my side of the bed each night.

He is doing well. We had our two month check up yesterday and he got an all clear. He is now up to 12 lbs 6 ozs.

I'm hoping to get back to knitting, spinning, and blogging. I hope some of you that read this are still out there. I downloaded an application so I can post to my blog from my phone. This post is my first try. Hopefully it will work!

I haven't gotten to do any spinning done but I have started to work some knitting into my "free" time. This scarf is one of my traveling scarf projects that finally made it's was home. This group had 10 knitters and I asked each to add 4 rows of garter stitch. The scarf was knitted lengthwise and ended up being just over 100 inchs long. I had to add 4 rows and bind it off to get it finised. Not much, but it is something.

My mom however has been knitting up a storm for Widget. He has got a great selection of hats and some sweaters too. He also has a huge basket of of knitted and crocheted toys. I'm going to get some photos taken and share her work.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Widget is Here!

It's been a long time between posts for me. For the last month I've been adjusting to our new family addition and my new role as mom. Widget was born via c-section on January 6th. He weighed in at 9 lb 7 oz and was 22 inches long.

For the most part things have been going really well here at Geddesburg. Widget did struggle a little to gain back the weight he lost right after being born. So we spent time with a lactation consultant and made many visits to the pediatrician to make sure he didn't lose any more
weight. The lactation consultant called him a lazy eater - which is difficult to believe knowing his parents. But we followed her advice and by the time he was three weeks old, all the weight lost had been regained.

Before Widget was born I imagined using my maternity leave with a dual purpose and getting a lot done around the house. I have several small home projects I would like to complete before going back to work, not to mention all the knitting and spinning I'd like to catch up with. Although now I can that is not what is going to happen. I've already been home close to a month and I'm just getting around to my first blog post. But we have feedings every two to three hours and he doesn't like to be put down to sleep. I know I have a lot to learn. Hopefully I'll get the hang of this mommy thing and be able to multi-task a little bit better.

I've have actually knit a baby hat since we've been home and I started a shawl the other day, anticipate it won't be a quick project. I'm hoping to get back to blogging more too, but this will have to be all for now, Widget is starting to wake up.