Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter!

Just hopping by to wish you all a Happy Easter from the cutest Easter bunny I've ever seen.

Tomorrow is a big day for us here at Geddesburg. I'll be going back to work for the first time in three months and Widget will be starting daycare. I've spent the weekend getting everything together and getting things in order. Crib sheets, bottles, bottle warmer, diapers, wipes, and extra clothes, I think I'll need a grocery cart to get in all into the place on Monday morning.
I'm amazed at how much daycare costs and all the stuff I'm still responsible for providing. That's not even counting all the other baby costs. I'm not sure how any of you with kids afford fiber or yarn. I can tell you my yarn and fiber purchasing is totally on hold for awhile. It's a good thing I have a nice stash!

I am hoping that Widget and I will adjust to the new schedule okay. I'm also hoping to sneak a little more blogging time in the week. So if you are still out there don't give up on me yet.