Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Knit Blanket Bingo

I love having blankets all around the house, and knit blankets are nice. I like knitting them too. I consider them more of a long term project and usually don't have more than one going at a time. So when I finished my log cabin blanket, I took a look at the blankets I had been wanting to knit and there were two that really stood out. I couldn't decide and decided to go ahead and cast on for both.

The first one I cast on for has probably been in my cue the longest. The pattern in the Curlicue Coverlet by Oat Couture (Ravelry link). The blanket will blanket will end up being sort of flower shaped made up of 15 different sections. There are 5 sections that make up the center and 10 additional sections that form the outside petals.

I plan on knitting each section with a different color of Noro Silk Garden. I image that that this blanket will take the longest of the two. I don't have all the colors purchased. I've started the blanket with some leftover skeins. You can see in the photo above that I have completed two sections. The cool thing is that there will be very little seaming in the end. The sections are joined by casting on or picking up stitches. The shaping is done my short rows. I think this will be an interesting project to knit.

The other blanket I cast on for is the 10-Stitch blanket by Frankie Brown. The pattern is available for free on Ravelry. The construction of this one is a little unusual too. It is knit in sort of a spiral connecting the new rows as you go. I am using a modification to pattern to make this join. I've taken the idea that Smoking Hot Needles used when knitting her blanket. It creates a nice raised ridge detail all along the join, kind of highlighting the spiral nature of the construction.
I'm using some Noro Kureyon in a color I purchased on discount because it is a discontinued color. I really like the purples and oranges together. The photo shows what one skein looks like knitted up into the blanket. I have a long way to go.