Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Second Stocking and Fifth Square

I've finished knitting my second Christmas stocking. This one is in Noro Kureyon #87. I also knit a square for my Lizard Ridge in this color. It's the green and purple square in the previous post. You can see that my square didn't have all the colors that were actually in the skeins, but the stocking sure does!

This one is about the size my first one was before felting. I put the finished stocking in the picture to show the size difference. I'm hoping to get this felted and ready to hang over the weekend. I want to get them both hanging up!

Last night I also finished another square for Lizard Ridge last night. This one is Noro Kureyon color #89. The main colors are red, pink, and blue. I think this might be the only colorway I have that has any red. I'll have to look for some more. I like the red. The blue in the picture is a little more vibrant than it really is in the square. The blue is mixed with red and pink and isn't nearly as solid looking in person as the picture shows it to be.

I can't wait to get the square done for this blanket and get it all put together. The pattern calls for a crocheted border. I'm not sure I'm going to try that - I've never crocheted before. But I still have a lot of knitting to do before that becomes an issue.


Ava said...

Lovely stockings and square! Aren't they fun to knit? My favorite Kureyon colorway, #124, is deep red, deep pink, and dark blue.

cpurl17 said...

The socks are so cool and I love the lizard ridge pattern--I'm so tempted to try one.

Zonda said...

Awesome job!! You are just blazin' through the Noro.. :)

Bezzie said...

Wow! Was that the size the felted stocking started out at! Woah!

Can't wait to see the final results! (On the stocking and the lizard ridge!)

Mom said...

The lizard ridge is coming right along -- looking good. I love all the twelve color choices. You are an addict but I guess you get it honestly from me (fabric). We all must have a vice and you don't have any others so it's okay!!!!