Saturday, December 02, 2006

Tiled Kitchen Backsplash

Well we finished our project! We got most of the work done over the Thanksgiving holiday. We did seal the tile and caulk around the edges this week. We did forgo a large traditional Thanksgiving dinner to do all the work, we ate frozen microwave dinners instead. But I think the results were worth it! This project has been on our list of to do since we moved into the house 3-4 years ago.

We used a 4x4 inch travertine stone for the main tile and used 2x2 inch glass tiles for an accent. The photo on the left shows how we finished off the edges of the large area. There was actually about 4 inches of wall on either side of the cabinets. So we edged each side with border pieces that resemble a picture frame edge and covered the area to the baseboard. I really do like how it finished it off - but the border pieces were the most expensive of all the tile.

The trickiest part of the whole project was getting the glass tile to set level with the stone. The glass tile is thinner than the stone tile and required more adhesive to build it out from the wall. And the messiest part was the grouting. We do have a wet saw which made cutting the tile very easy. Although the saw did create a mess, luckily we did all the cutting in the garage.

I really like the framed out part above the cooktop. The glass tile really sparkles under the lights of the cooktop hood. Hopefully it won't be hard to clean up cooking messes and splatters. The sealer we used was supposed to seal the tile and grout from staining -so hopefully that won't be an issue.

The only thing left to do is find some type of replacement for the wall switch plate covers. The white just doesn't look right. I'm thinking I might looks for some stainless steel covers to go with the appliances.

The project was easier than I thought it would be. I would definitely do tile work again if needed - especially when you consider all the money you save on labor.

This was our first tile project and I think it came out pretty good. There were a few miscalculations and cutting mistakes - but everything was correctable or hopefully something no one will ever notice.

But now it's done and we can sit back and enjoy. I have a slide show that shows before and after photos as well as some progress shots I didn't include here.


Zonda said...

That is FABULOUS!!! You two did an awesome job! I love it! Your slideshow was very interesting to see also!

I think the stainless steel switch covers would work, I got mine online somewhere (sorry years ago) as I needed a special sized one. Unless you could find wood ones like your gorgeous cabinets they could work. Maybe buy just one to try out before you commit to all of them being changed. Good luck!

Bezzie said...


1. I can't believe how quick you guys finished that project

2. It looks incredible!!!!!

3. I love the way the tile color scheme coordinates with your cabinets and really makes your countertops pop--I had to go back and see if the countertops were new too because with the old wall behind, it didn't "pop."

Job well done!!!

Mom said...

Fab! Fab! Fab! You two did an excellent job... and you're still married which I find truly impressive. The slide show really details out some of the "do it yourself" steps. The finished product is really good. As far as switch covers - I've seen them in glass but I can't remember where (not clear - kiln fired. You might see if you could find a mold that would work and do them yourself. I'm proud of you guys - the next time you're in Indy I'll have supplies ready so you can do mine....

Ava said...

Beautiful tile work!

Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL! Worth forgoing a traditional Thanksgiving dinner for!

Mary, Mary... said...

Great job! They're finally making switchplate covers in different colors and, one of these days, I'll get around to changing mine. I just bought some yarn for felted stockings--yours is very jaunty! Is your kitchen always that clean?;)

Mintyfresh said...

i love how the glass tiles' placement makes it kind of like the equalizer on a stero or something--the random up and down. I get a sort of musical, light, happy feel from it! Don't know what sound it would make, but I bet it's a good one--what a great kitchen to be creative in!

cpurl17 said...

What a Beautiful kitchen! I'm green with envy!

Sarah said...

Seriously, that is stunning. You guys did a great job.

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Naomi said...

How absolutely fabulous! Personally, I'm partial to a glass tile backsplash because it scatters light. Your kitchen has a divine rustic charm to it, however.

Rajib Hossain said...

Simple and gorgeous!! I love it.
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Hill said...


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