Thursday, June 26, 2008

Handspun Hootenanny Questionnaire

I've joined the Hush Hush Handspun Hootenanny Swap . If you are a spinner and want to join, sign ups are open until June 30th. We've been asked to answer the following questions on our blogs so our swap partners know more about us. Here are my responses:

1. How long have you been spinning? What skill level do you consider yourself?
I've been spinning since late last year. I bought a spindle in October and got a wheel for Christmas. I would consider myself an advanced beginner to an intermediate level spinner.

2. What kinds of yarn do you create (singles/2-ply/3-ply/art yarn)?
I typically spin 2-ply yarns, but have really started to like true 3-ply yarns; especially for sock knitting. Singles and art yarn aren't my main thing because I usually don't knit with those types of yarn - but it is fun to try spinning them.

3. What do you spin with (spindle/wheel/both)?
I can spin using both, but I primarily spin on my wheel. It is so much faster and I'm a little too impatient for the spindle. Right now I've loaned my spindles out to my mom so she can try to learn spinning . My wheel is a Lendrum DT.

4. What are your favorite fibers to spin with? Anything you don't like?
I'm not a big fan of coarse wools and mohair. I have spun a lot of merino, Falkland, and Bluefaced Leicester. I have some Rambouillet I'm looking forward to trying. I really just like soft squishy wool. (Who doesn't)

5. Who are your favorite crack dealers fiber sources (etsy or otherwise)?
My favorite is probably PigeonRoof Studios. I love Hello Yarn too. I tend to buy a lot at FatCat Knits and Yarn Wench. I'm a currently a member of the Black Bunny Fiber Club, the Loop Batt Club, and the Funky Carolina Fiber Club. All of those are great too. Oh, and I love Flawful Fibers and Crown Mountain Farms too, I could probably go on and on with this list.

6. What kind of fiber do you want to try?
I'm really interested in trying some various blends, like wool and sea-cell. I've got a merino/bamboo blend that I'm dying to spin up. I'm also interested in trying some more "exotic" fibers like quivet. I'm also interested in using some "natural" colored wools instead of dyed.

7. Is there any techniques you would like to learn?
I'd like to learn to Navajo ply and to spin a coiled type yarn. I'm not sure how often I'd used either technique but it would be nice to say I've tried it.

8. Do you dye fiber? If not, would you like to learn?
I've never dyed fiber or yarn. I'm interested in learning to dye fiber and I have registered to take a class in October at the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair in Asheville, NC on hand painted roving. I'm not really interested in Kool-aid dying.

9. Do you have fiber prep tools (and like to use them) or would you prefer ready to spin fiber?
No prep tools yet. I've thought about buying some small combs and cards, but they seem a little expensive. I need to look into it more before I just go ahead and buy something I won't end up using. I really like ready to spin - just sit down and go!

10. What do you do with your handspun? What projects have you completed?
I do love to knit with my own handspun. My first project was a hat. I've also knit a feather and fan shawl. If you come back tomorrow you will be able to see my first pair of handspun handknit socks too.

11. Are you in need of any spinning gadgets (WPI Gauge, threading hook, etc)?
I love gadgets and have bought most of them already, but who could say no to another gadget? I need a new niddy noddy. I don't have a diz - I might need one of those too.

12. What colors "fall into your shopping basket"? Any colors you just can’t stand?
There really aren't any colors that I don't like. Pastel combinations are probably my least favorite. I like rich bold colors. I seem to be gravitating to a lot of green lately.

13. What is on your wheel/spindle right now?
Nothing! Isn't that sad? I plan on starting a new spinning project this weekend.

14. What other crafts/hobbies do you have?
I love gardening and houseplants. I've started to take an interest in sewing - small quick projects. I love to pick up fun looking fat quarters at the fabric store, so I need to be able to do something with them. I like photography and cooking too. I also love working with warm glass but haven't done that in awhile.

15. Other than crafts, what are you passionate about?
Just my family and spending time together. I love trying new things.

16. Do you have an online wishlist?

17. Is there anything that you collect?
I try to keep collections to a minimum. (I'm guessing that fiber or yarn doesn't count)

18. Any books, yarns, needles or patterns out there you are dying to get your hands on? What magazine subscriptions do you have?
I subscribe to Spin-Off and Interweave Knits. I can't think of any books I'm currently looking to get; although I love looking through books and patterns.

19. When is your birthday?
September 7

20. What book or movie character do you most resemble in personality?
I honestly had no idea so asked my husband and he said:
"Diane Lane with a sprinkle of Uma Thurman"

21. What is the climate like where you live around this time (need to know for careful shipments of anything meltable)?
Hot - the days in summer get in to high nineties all the time.

22. Tell us one weird fact about yourself!
I don't like driving over bridges, I always think about the car going over the edge into water. I also tend to (ironically) go overboard on a lot of things....if one is good; three must be better.


favorite painting/picture(link): I have a wide range of taste in art. I love abstract and representational art. It would be so hard to pick just one. But this print hangs above our mantle.

Candy: dark chocolate; fruit flavored jelly bellys

Food: fresh fruit - berries, pineapple, or peaches and thai food

Drink: iced tea

Movie(s): A Christmas Story; I love mystery type movies - like the books I read.

TV Show(s): Dexter, The Office, Deadliest Catch, Top Chef, Project Runway

Book(s): murder mysteries and thrillers; my selections tend to be on the dark side of things

Guilty Pleasure(s): usually overspending on a fiber or food type treat, like a decadent dessert or some really rich dark chocolate


Bezzie said...

Tempting!! Very tempting!

bockstark.knits said...

what is the warm glass comment? glass blowing? i've always wanted to try that! i hear you on the going overboard - i do that a LOT with yarn/fiber!

glad to have you as part of HHHH!