Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Ding Dong the TIVO is Dead!

Damn! Tonight our TIVO decided to crap out. We sat down to watch a college basketball and the TIVO spontaneously decided to reboot. So we waited, waited, and waited for it to run through the start up process. It finally came back then rebooted again! We unplugged the thing and then started it up again and then it did it 3 more times. And I think TIVO is the ONLY thing that takes longer than Windows to reboot.

We called Direct TV and they tried to run some reset thing and that didn't work either. So now we are without our TIVO. They are going to send a replacement and we only have to pay a shipping charge. It is amazing how dependent we have become on that little electronic box. It has disrupted the whole night.

After dinner we usually watch TV and I sit and knit while hubby watches TV. But now, I'm online and he is in the bedroom watching the Duke game. Our dog is a bit neurotic and like things to follow a set routine. Now he's all twisted up in a bunch wondering between the two rooms wondering what those crazy humans are up to now.

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