Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Olympic Update

I am almost finished with my first sock! For such a small piece of knitting this is a huge feeling of accomplishment. Part of the accomplishment is just overcoming my own procrastination thing I had going, but I am actually learning new skills too. I think if you can get used to the toothpick like needles and the thin yarn, you can knit socks too. Socks are pretty easy if you keep the pattern simple. I realize that this is a lot of talk from someone who has yet to actually complete a sock.

This project is going a little quicker than I thought it would. I began the first sock on Friday evening as I sat down to watch the opening ceremonies. I am not a big fan of ribbing, but the leg part was easy to start and things were going well. On Saturday I was ready for the heel flap. So, I reread the pattern and could feel the same old hesitance coming back. I mean that turning the heel part was just around the corner. I have read directions for turning heels and shaping gussets ad nausea. And I just couldn't picture what was supposed to happen. I know what a sock looks like and I understand how to read a pattern, but there was no way my mind was connecting those two things. So the easiest thing to do was knit something else and I have done this for a year. I have just never been able to get past this in a pattern and start a sock. This is why I decided on socks for my Olympic project.

The most helpful piece of advice I got was don't think, just do it. Follow the pattern and it will work out. And of course it did! I really now understand why people are so crazy for knitting socks!


Annie said...

Yay! Congratulations on conquering THE SOCK. It looks great - love the olympic colors.

Kirsti said...

Socks are indeed a lot easier than you think they will be when you first start off. Many many congrats onthe first one, and good luck with the second. And you realise, that socks are completely addictive, right? Now you have to start buying more yummy sock yarn, and more pattern books.. and.. and..