Thursday, February 02, 2006

C is for Creepy Crawler - infesting my porch

This is an orb spider. Orb spiders create huge circular webs that show up seemingly out of nowhere. They typically spin at night and can really accomplish a lot while you are sleeping. The webs are really incredible to see. The spiders are pretty big and eat a lot of bugs and mosquitoes! That is a big bonus in North Carolina. these spiders are pretty common at our house. We end up having about 5-6 of these guys that build big webs on our front porch and around the windows.

About three years ago we built a house on about 13 acres of woods. So I will likely be trying out quite a few nature shots for this ABC Along. We have an endless supply of weird bugs, lizards, spiders, snakes, and plants.


Hillary said...

Cool Picture!!

Rachel said...

I love these spiders and growing up in the south you will usually see one come summertime. Its a great picture and it brings back memories of growing up in Arkansas!

krista said...

That picture is really quite amazing.