Saturday, February 25, 2006

Finished Olympic Socks

I finished my project for the knitting Olympics tonight! Yea! I'm finished. I'm glad I signed up for Yarnharlot's challenge. I learned several new techniques and I finally got over "sock fear". I learned all the different part of sock, turning a heal, and of course kitchner stitch. Although I'm lucky that kitchner stitch wasn't the only element. I'm not proficient in that yet. But it was a lot of fun.

I didn't really get second sock syndrome, but as soon as the first was finished it seemed unfair that I had to wait to have a pair of finished socks. So for my next pair, I will try two on two needles. I'm also going to treat myself and get a book on sock knitting, Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch.

I'll be keeping all my sock yarn and of course getting some more. My husband liked them too; even tried them on. Now he's waiting for his own pair.

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jenny macc said...

Congratulations! You're an "Olympian!" Those socks look awfully comfortable! I'd like to know how the "two needles" thing works out. jenny macc