Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Stash Flash

This is a great way to beat the midweek doldrums. Take a peek at a forgotten treasure that is hiding in my stash. This cache of lime green pr0n was started because my sister-in-law gave me two balls of yarn left over from when she tried knitting. I really didn't know what to do with it, but while trolling a LYS I found a bunch of other lonely green gems that I thought would be great together. I planned on creating a scarfy wrap type thing. Something with a large number of cast on stitches to create strips of different textures that would run the length of the scarf. As you can see, I still haven't even tried anything with this. I have found out since buying all this that novelty type yarns really aren't something I would wear to much. But hopefully I'll be inspired to pick this all up and make something. I have promised my self no big yarn purchases until I work through a good portion of my stash this year. I'm open to suggestions. Any ideas out there?

This stuff I just love to look at and pet. I love these colors. I don't have enough of it for anything more than a simple scarf. Maybe I'll try a drop stitch pattern. I need to find ideas. I have also promised my sel fto curb these impulse buys that have no purpose other than to put something pretty in my bag. But on the postivie side, Moxie has graciously agreed to make a blog header for me using this photo. Put a little color up there! I should have it up tomorrow. Thanks for taking a peek. Check back next Wednesday for another flash from my stash.

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