Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Farewell My Spinning and Weaving Neighbors

I'm talking about our friends the orb weaving spiders. We had some chilly nights here in North Carolina recently; temperatures have dipped below freezing a few nights now. Before winter sets in theses spiders will spin their final web.

Orb spiders live only one season and leave an egg sac in their last web for the coming spring season. These four spiders are just part of the spider crew that has picked out front porch for their last web hurrah.

I haven't seen any spiders in the past few days, but I do have a couple egg sacs to watch. I'm hoping that they survive the winter and the non hibernating animal life. I'd like to see one of the sacs hatch with hundreds of baby spiders in the spring.

These spiders are oftern refered to as writing spiders becaise of the appearance of their webs. Charlotte, from Charlotte's Web, is an orb spider too. Next year I'll have to try taking some photos of the webs the orb spiders spin around our yard. They can be quite amazing.


mom said...

Great photos!

Zonda said...

I agree, neat photos! Glad they are at your house too! They can stay there! Haha..my word verification is freakeri

Bezzie said...

We had a bunch of these on our steps this fall--and I left 'em. Well except for Big Momma--she kept trying to spin her web right in front of our door!

turtlegirl76 said...

Wait, you're looking forward to hundreds of baby spiders surrounding your home in the spring?

You're weird. =P

Andi said...

We called those spiders "zipper" spiders. We were fascinated by them on our visits to the Outer Banks of NC every summer. They are beautiful - and creepy! One even came home with us one year, in the sailboat, I think. It just showed up in my garden one morning after we came home from the beach. The kids were freaked out.