Monday, February 26, 2007

Reading Rainbow

Reading is just one more of the many things that i like to do. I actually read quite a bit. I read at least a little bit everyday. I usually read at least a chapter just before I fall asleep each night. It started when I was a young girl and has continued through adulthood. Those few times I have been without a reading material at night, it takes me much longer to settle in and get ready for sleep.

I'll read anything too! I usually read mysteries and grisly serial killer novels. I think the titles and covers still spook my husband sometimes. I've made him fear things that go bump in the night. And I think he sometimes wonders if I'm one of those. I also like reading cookbooks, gardening books, and of course knitting books. There is also a small selection of magazines I read on a regular basis too.

The odd thing is that I always have trouble finding something new to read. I look at best seller lists, the new release lists on Amazon, and lists for various award winners for possible reading material. Now that I am participating in Project Spectrum I'm using the color assignments as another method for searching out possibilities as well.

February and March have been assigned blue, grey, and white. So I've used those as keywords in hunting down new reading material. I'm already half way through Blue Latitudes by Tony Horwitz. It is about Captain Cook's sailing exploration of Pacific Ocean. The book is well written and the tone is more conversational than text book. The book mixes Cook's explorations with the author's own journey to retrace Cook's voyages. So far so good.

The second book I chose was White Teeth by Zadie Smith. I've almost picked this book up at the local shop several times. So, when it came up in my keyword search of white, I figured it was time to read the book.

The third book in this assortment is the Grey Fairy Book by Andrew Lang. this book is a collection of fairy tales from Eastern Europe, Africa, and Islamic countries. There is actually a different collection named for every color. I like the fact that the stories are short and will probably be tales I didn't hear as a child.

So tell me what your favorite book is, what you are reading now, or how you find your next read.


Bezzie said...

Great way to pick new books!

I'm a book well, not snob, lets just say timid to try new authors. I need to branch out!

That Captain Cook one sounds interesting. I used to live within walking distance to Cook Inlet (named after him for discovering it of course!) The man got around!

Jessica said...

The Grey Fairy book sounds neat. It kind of reminds me of Pan's Labyrinth (which was a fantastic movie).

My recent fav is The Time Traveler's Wife. I love that book. Right now I'm trying to finish The Historian and Wicked. It's proven hard though with everything else on my schedule!

I usually find books through the top seller's list or recommendations. Or even movies. I saw Children of Men, Loved it, looked up the book and decided that it's way different from the movie and I probably wouldn't like it. ;D

cpurl17 said...

Clever girl, I might need to copy your Project Spectrum book selection process.

Sadly, I'm not good at reading and knitting at the same time and right now reading has taken the back seat.

I do stay active in my local bookclub and this month we're reading "Ireland" by Frank Delaney. Since it's a book that features storytelling, I decided to splurge and buy the audio version so I could listen and knit!
I'm only 1 hour into it but really enjoying the story.

angelarae said...

Katie just bought a Lisa Scottline book, 'Dirty Blonde.' She is reading 'Memoirs of a Geisha,' right now. I loved the screenplay and am going to read it after she's done. I'll try to ignore that a man wrote it.
'Jack The Knife' looks interesting, too.


Bobbi said...

I work at a library and I see almost all of the new books we get so my problem isn't finding something to read but finding the time to read everything I want. I also do all of the things you mentioned when looking for something. some suggestions: most public libraries publish a list of new books they get in, your library might have a "what to read next" guide or something like it on their website. Ask at the reference desk, most librarians are avid readers and are happy to suggest something or you can check out what books I'm reading on my blog! :)

Yvonne in Southwest Virginia said...

Awww, you are just like my bf Janey. I tease her that she's not happy unless blood is dripping off the page of the book she's reading. lol

I enjoy books that qualify as fantasy: Charles de Lints, the Princess Merry series by Laurell K. Hamilton, etc.

Christy said...

That's an interesting approach, and the Blue Latitudes one sounds really good.


White Teeth is excellent and a fun way for you to hear more about life in modern London.

My favourite author is Margerat Atwood but the best book I read in recent years was 'As Meat Loves Salt' by Maria McCann. I recommend it to just about everyone who enjoys good reading.

Jeannie said...

As a parttime bookseller - I love your inventive way to pick a book!

Just read the "Gilded Chamber" by Kohn and loved it... and now starting "One thousand White Women" for my bookclub.
MY FAVE mystery writer is Harlen Coben -- his "Gone for Good" is great and liked his new one alot "Promise Me" also.
happy Reading