Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Calorimetry II

Calorimetry the second is now complete. It is also in the mail on the way to cover my mom's cold head. This one turned out great just like the red one. Although you can see that it is getting harder for me to find willing models. But the husband and Sherman turned their back on me when picture time came. The only thing I could find was this stuffed fish.

Project Info
Yarn: Manos del Uruguay ; color 101; 100 grams
Needles: addi TURBO -US# 7
Pattern Modifications: Cast on 100 stitches
Date Started: February 15, 2007
Date Finished: February 16, 2007

I do think I need to make at least one more of these. I find that the Manos is a bit itchy. So I'll have to see if I have anything else in my stash that might work. Hopefully, I'll find a good substitute because I love this little head wrap. It really works well with my hair in a pony tail.

I really do like this green color - and the good think is I've got about half of the skein left. I also have a good bit of the red left too. I need to come up with something clever to knit with the leftovers. I'm thinking that maybe a small felted bowl or box might be a good item out of the leftovers.

You can see that this Calorimetry got the same button detail that the red version had. I bought two of these and it just so happens that they were the perfect size for this project.

I'm still working on the Clapotis I started. I am through the sections of increases and have started working the main section of the scarf. I was hoping it would go a little quicker than it is currently going. The needles I was waiting for arrived yesterday so I am anxious to start some socks and see if I like knitting with those size zero needles!


Monika said...

This Manos yarn is nice. I've got to try it out myself some day. My calorimetry has gotten so stretched out, I had to wash it twice and throw it into the dryer. It shrank a LITTLE, hopefully enough. Next time Hannah has to cast on 100 sts as well. Nice pictures again and the button is very interesting!

Jessica said...

Man, you and your Manos! I'm going to have to come raid your stash to try it out. ;) I love the color. It reminds me of a mermaid. It's looks like that would be the color of her fins glimmering in the water.

Anonymous said...

Love the Calorimetry and the model :)

cpurl17 said...

Mom is going to be so happy!!

Mom said...

Your mom is very happy and very anxious to get the package in the mail. Of course the weather turned warmer this week - 45 - but I know there is still snow to come.
Thank you - you're such a good daughter!!!!!

Mintyfresh said...

That's a beautiful colorway!

Zonda said...

Yay! Mom is happy..well, she will be! I love your model!! hehe!

Beautiful colorway and knitting! :) Very nice button too! :)

Bezzie said...

Hee! Your mom is so cute! Hey, 45 is still "cold" enough to have an ear covering!!

Does your new camera take those white background shots or do you pose them like that yourself? I've always loved shots like that!

Christy said...

The fish is so stylin' The colors look great.