Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day

Seems like everyone is making this hot little item - so here is my version of Calorimetry, and it is all dressed up for Valentines Day. I've been wearing it everyday since I finished it to! It is a nice alternative to hat when you wear a pony tail in your hair most of the time. It is very warm, but I do find it slightly itchy on my forehead.

It was actually really quick to knit. It only took a couple of hours to knit up . I used the Manos del Uruguay I posted last week for Fiber Friday. I ended up knitting mine a bit smaller than the pattern. I only cast on 100 stitches instead of the 120 the pattern called for and it still really covers my head well.

My mom left a comment threatening to steal it - so I'm going to cast on another so she has her own. I picked up the button at a the LYS and have another just like it that I will use on the second Calorimetry.

Project Info
Pattern: Calorimetry
Yarn: Manos del Uruguay ; color 115; 100grams (44 grams remaining);
Needles: addi TURBO -US# 7
Date Started: February 9, 2007
Date Finished: February 10, 2007


Zonda said... know I don't live far..I just might steal it too!! hehe I love the RED!!!! Awesome job! Love the chocolate too! ;)

bradyphrenia said...

nice photo! i love that red manos.

cpurl17 said...

I want that calorimetry. Good thing I don't live too near or else I'd have to beat your Mom and Zonda to it!!

And I loved the red photograph!!

Ava said...

Love it! love the color, and the photo composition too!

Monika said...

Beautiful picture!

mel said...

Yummm!! It looks great and I love the button!! What a great color - gotta love Manos - I have a partial skein of in green lying around - hmmmmm.... And it's really darn cold down here right now - at least it's not snow right? Stay warm!

Bobbi said...

great picture! Love the red calorimetry!

Christy said...

Beautiful colors and nice picture setup.

gray la gran said...

i came looking for the green manos :) are you going to make another calorimetry with the green?

Angela said...



joye said...

I love your color choices and have used one of the pics of yarn as my background for my desktop :)