Monday, July 24, 2006

Rock and Weave Socks - Almost Done

I have mentioned these socks in several posts and "promised" to have them finished by the next post. I did that to spur me on to finish them. But it didn't work. I keep picking up something new. Like the afghan - and that is going to a huge project.

I really want to get these socks finished to free up some needles to cast on a new sock project too. All my sock sized needles are stuck in current projects. I just got the new Sock Club kit and I want to try the Anastasia Socks that Mintyfresh posted on her blog. It is a great looking pattern and I have koigu just sitting around begging to be pulled out of the stash. So I must stay focused to get these done.

But the end is approaching and I am beginning to see the end of this project. One sock is complete and I am knitting the heel flap on sock number two!

I've really had only one problem with the pattern so far. That isn't the fault of the pattern at all. I just didn't actually read the pattern correctly. I sat down on Sunday morning to knit the heel flap of the second sock. When I was about halfway done with the flap, I realized that it didn't match the flap on sock number one. Hmmm.

Well I finally figured out what happened. On the second sock, I was following the pattern as written. The first sock, not so much. The pattern indicated a two row repeat for the flap and I misread the first row. The pattern said to slip 1, purl across row, turn. What I did was to *Slip1, purl 1, repeat from * across row.

It doesn't look bad though and I wanted the heels to match so I started the second heel flap over and made it to match the first. It did create a pretty thick flap, but on the bright side, I don't think I'll ever wear a hole in the heel.

Well I hope to have these finished by this weekend, but I'm not promising!


Dipsy said...

Oh, these socks are going to look so great! What an unusual and unique pattern it is, I can't wait to see them all finished! And the yarn you're using is so gorgeous too with these happy and cheerful colors!

Zonda said...

Ha! I'm not the only one whose doing the crazy heel flaps!! I am trying to finish a sockette and noticed I did a different one too!!

Looking good though! Can't wait to see them "whenever" ;)

Bezzie said...

Maybe that's why we were given two feet instead of one? So the second sock would always come out better than the first one? ;-)

Can't wait to see these socks finished!

Mom said...

I'm anxious to see the finished product - or what you start instead of finishing them.....