Monday, July 17, 2006

The Log Cabin Afghan

I am hooked on the Mason Dixon knitting book. I love that the patterns are of a very utilitarian nature that can be used around the house. I have decided to try my hand at a log cabin afghan.

I've decided to use Mission Falls Cotton. It is machine washable and the ball band indicates that you can tumble dry on low heat. I ordered my yarn on last Monday and had it by that Friday. It is a lot of yarn. I picked out thirteen colors and ordered five skeins of each. The Mission Falls has a nubby texture that I really like. I think it will give the finished afghan a homey feel.

The color palette from left to right:
Row One: #402 - Sea, #302 - Wintergreen, #209 Maize, #207 - Chili
Row Two: #302 - Fennel, #303 Jade, #100 - Ebony, #208 - Merlot, #206 - Peony
Row Three: #400 - Fog, #304 - Moss, #204 - Lentil, #200 - Musk

I didn't do any math before ordering the yarn. So I'm not sure how large the finished project will be. I plan on knitting individual squares and them seeming them together. I will just continue making squares until I run out of yarn. I'm also going to add a knitted border to the finished afghan. I like the idea of playing around with the layout of the squares. I know from looking at Log Cabin quilts that there are a number of ways to lay out the squares and that each way will produce a different pattern for the afghan.

I did make a swatch and threw it in the washer with a load of clothes and then it went directly into the dryer. It came out fine. It was a little fuzzier and it had shrunk just a little bit. I am using Addi Turbos in size 6 US for the knitting.

I did finish one square over the weekend. The square ended up being 9.5 inches wide and tall. It took me a while. I don't think that this will be a long term project that I can pick up between other things.


Zonda said...

Love it! You picked really nice colors! I love fast yarn delivery :)

How is it to knit with? I have a few dishclothes to try it out with.

Amy said...

looks great, I've been eyeing the book too

OldLadyPenPal said...

those colors are so lovely together! five skeins of thirteen colors!!! yegads! that's almost literally a TON of yarn. i bet the blanket is wondrously marvelous when it's done!

Sarah said...

Great colors! It's going to be beautiful when it is done.

KnitYoga said...

I love the look of the Mission Falls cotton texturally from your photo though I haven't yet seen it in real life. The colours you've chosen make a wonderful palette and I'm looking forward to seeing your afghan developing. Thanks for stopping by my blog! :-)

Bezzie said...

You picked some great colors. I love seeing all these log cabin knit interpretations!

Mary, Mary... said...

It's a comfort knowing someone else likes to buy in bulk! I love the colors--it will be stunning. I'm very tempted to try a Wind and Waves shawl after seeing your lovely piece. Also, your mushrooms are amazing but the Luna moth takes the prize!

Cara said...

Gorgeous colors! Can't wait to see how it progresses!

Angela said...

Very Pretty! How are you deciding what colors to group together?

Laura KM said...

You will love this blanket when you are done. I made a throw out of MF cotton and it is the coziest thing ever. I think it would make a great mitred squares blanket too!
Laura in SC