Wednesday, April 05, 2006

G is for Golden Gate Bridge

I took this picture of the Golden Gate Bridge during a business trip a couple years ago to San Francisco. The trip was a week long and I only got to leave the hotel on the last afternoon of the trip. It wasn't enough time to do much of anything, so a few co-workers and I made arrangements to take a helicopter tour of the city and visit Fisherman's Warf and Ghirardeli Square for souvenir shopping and dinner.

My favorite part of Fisherman's Warf was definitely the sea lions. I couldn't believe how many of them were hanging out there. Shopping for souvenirs was okay, but there are only so many t-shirts and coffee mugs one really needs. When I do take home a souvenir from a trip I like it to be something unique, something you cannot get at home, or something that really reminds you of your trip. I usually do get a little Christmas ornament and I always bring a little prize for my husband from business trips. This time he ended up with a Bubba Gump ping pong paddle. He loves ping pong - now he only needs a table.

I wasn't a knitter yet, so I didn't check out any local yarn pr0n on the trip to San Francisco. The funny thing is now when I go on a business trip, I search to see if any yarn shops are within a reasonable distance to my hotel. Last year before traveling to Portland, I found a two stores within striking distance from the hotel and even mapped out a walking paths to get there. I did get a museum visit in that trip too, but only because it was between the hotel and the yarn shop.


Bezzie said...

Great pictures!!!

And I love the fact you visited the museum because it happened to be between the hotel and the yarn store! ;-) Too funny!

Emano said...

Delurking to say that is the coolest picture of the Golden Gate Bridge I've ever seen.

Carolyn said...

What a great photo!

Sarah said...

Wow, that is a great photo of the Golden Gate!

How cool to take a heli trip!

I like the ABC along too for the same reasons, we get to see other sides of all the knitting bloggers!

Mom said...

Great photos! I bet Sherman would like to romp with the sea lions! (Not)