Saturday, April 15, 2006

Baby Greentree Frog

The little Greentree frogs that sing to us every year have begun to make their 2006 appearance. Last night we had a baby visit our back porch.

This little guy will grow to about twice the size he is now and turn a bright green. You can see the frog's current size in the picture to the left. Not much bigger than a penny. So even when full grown, it won't be bigger than about 2 inches.

Usually in the summer I find them clinging to our windows and doors. They have little sucker pads on their feet. I'm not kidding about the singing, they get loud. These frogs congregate in large choruses of several hundred. I think we have several choruses of them based on how loud they get. We hear them throughout the summer. You can hear a sample of their voice on

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Mom said...

How does Sherman like these little green guys? I don't remember them from when I've been down there.