Sunday, October 18, 2009

Swissy Sunday

All is quiet on the Swissy front lately. They are definitely enjoying the cooler weather that October has brought our way.

The have seemed almost oblivious to the excitement around them preparing for the new family member. I think that is because most of the activity to date has been upstairs where the nursery will be and neither of the dogs likes stairs. In fact, neither Sherman or Scarlett has been upstairs in our house.

I think they are in for a big surprise when the baby comes. I do think both of them will do well with the baby although we will have to watch them both if for nothing more than just because of their size.

Scarlett does still have a lot of playful puppy in her and we will have to make sure she is careful and never let with the baby unattended. Sherman will probably be afraid of the baby and stay out of the way. It will be a learning experience for all of us.


Kaye said...

I'll be honest, I can't trust one of my cats with Mooch. He's an old man cat and Moochie is well, very energetic. I've caught him trying to bite Moochie. Not cool. Hopefully Sherman and Scarlett won't be as cranky as Springs!

Zonda said...

They look beat! ;) They'll be curious, but they'll get used to the little one!

Monika said...

They look both so cute! Biko never lets Happy snuggle up to her like that!

Sara said...

They are such beautiful dogs! Love their faces. Good luck with introducing the baby. Our male rottie never took to the kids, but our female was fine. Good baby gates are a necessity with dogs.

aussiepups said...

To tell the truth, we worried quite a bit about bringing our first baby home to two biggish dogs (worry fueled by my mother saying "What are you going to do about those dogs?") We took care to bring home baby-smelling items from the hospital each night when my hubby got home, and let the dogs sniff (but not play with) the clothes, etc. The dogs were naturally very curious when we brought Ben home, but there was no misbehavior from them at all. I wish you the same good fortune with yours!