Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Traveling Scarf Has Returned Home

My first Traveling scarf project i s finally complete. The scarf returned home a couple weeks ago. It sat for a little while until I could get some time to get it finished up. I added a section to the end that matched the first I knit and bound off the scarf.

The fun came when I tried to block the scarf. The scarf was longer than almost any flat surface in our house other than the floor. The two big dogs we have really preclude using the floor for anything like blocking a knitting project because they are almost always covered with fur bunnies.

So I did what I could and laid out the camping mat I use for a blocking board onto the kitchen island and started pinning out my scarf. I ended up having to make a fold in the scarf and blocking the scarf that way - but you really can't tell when looking at the finished scarf.

I'm really happy with the overall results of the scarf. The only thing I asked the group to do when working on my scarf was to keep the width as close as possible on each section and to add 10 rows of moss stitch with a skein of yarn I sent along. the skein I sent along was a leftover from my first year in the Socks that Rock Club.

The scarf travelled with a small journal so everyone could write down their pattern, yarn, and any other information they were interested to include. The photo above shows each scarf after it made it's way to me and I added my section. I did have a lot of fun with this project and enjoyed seeing all the different scarves along the way. I'm looking forward to using the scarf this winter too!

Project Info:

Pattern: Various Patterns throughout the scarf
Yarn: 16 different sock yarns
Needles: Started and finished with addi TURBO US# 2 (3 mm)
Finished Size: 4.5" wide by 124.5" long
Project Start: December 3, 2008
Project End: July 25, 2008


mom said...

Very interesting sections. I think the rows inbetween was a great idea. It really pulled together the overall look. Definately a wearable project. I like the journal that went along with it too...

Sara said...

Cute idea! And the FO looks fun!