Monday, July 20, 2009

Blanket Square Swap

I've joined another swap. This time the theme is blanket squares. The object was to knit 16 nine inches squares and mail most of them off to other swap participants. The squares were supposed to be knit or crocheted out of a machine washable yarn and be neutral in color.

I used Knit Picks Shine worsted to knit these squares. It was my first time using this yarn and it seems to knit up very nicely and is soft to the touch. Hopefully it will hold up well to general use and washing and too. I guess only time will tell.

I just used the same pattern I've been using for my sock yarn squares. I just used two colors in each square. The nice thing was that the number of round I needed to knit to get to nine inches was divisible by three so the color transitions were very easy to work. The biggest pain was weaving in all the ends. But that tedious task is finally finished. The squares just need to be mailed out now.

I'll end up getting as many squares as I send off back. So in the end, I'll have sixteen nine inch squares to put together a 36" x 36" blanket. I have no idea how I'll put together the squares I get. After I can take stock of all the neutral colors, I'll pick a color for joining the squares and putting a border around the whole thing. I do have a couple skeins of each of the colors of Shine I used, so maybe that will work.


Deb said...

Can you crochet? I just found a really great way to crochet blocks together that adds a little bit of texture to the blanket - plus it makes up for any differnce between the number of stitches between squares. Check todays blog I love your squares!!

mom said...

I really love those squares. This swap seems like it could produce a really useable end product.

Karen said...

Pretty squares!
I used Shine for my last sweater and really like how it is holding up to wearing and washing. I got an orange jello shot stain out of it too. :)

turtlegirl76 said...

I would crochet them together too. It gives a nice look to it.

And 16! Holy crap!