Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday Surprise

I decided to spend this morning working outside. I've got some neglected plants that could use a little TLC. So I started with a couple hanging plants on the back porch. I pulled the first plant down to snip out the dead leaves and give it a good drink of water and look what I found!

There is a bird's nest in my plant. It looks like two eggs may have hatched and two eggs remain. The little hatchlings were moving about a bit, but don't look quite as developed as I imagined new hatchlings should look. Hopefully the little ones will be okay.

I'll continue to watch their development and hopefully the mother bird will be back soon!


Karen said...

Aww. Looks like your plant will be neglected for a while longer I guess. :)

Zonda said...

Oh...I've had that happen before, usually in my Boston Ferns. Hoping momma comes back.

Bezzie said...

Too cool!!!

Anonymous said...

My dad had a nest in his plant right outside his front window. He watched a bunch of cute little finches as they hatched and grew feather and finally flew off just the other day. It was really cool.

Enjoy your birdies (and take pictures to share with us) :)