Monday, August 04, 2008

Accessorizing My Wheel

I knitted and felted a little bag to hand on my spinning wheel to help me keep track of little gadgets I use while spinning.

This one did come out to be a perfect size for a folding Lendrum wheel. Hopefully it would work for some other wheels too.

The little bag is small, but is definitely big enough to hold almost all of the gadgets you would need while spinning. I can get my oil, wip tool, diz, pliers, scissors, spinners' control card, and maybe even a couple other odds and ends.

This one isn't for me, I'm sending it off to my hand spinning swap pal in the morning. I just couldn't help trying it on my wheel first. I'm hoping she has some place on her wheel to hang it.

I'm going to knit another one for me and a couple more in various yarns and then post a pattern once I get it all sorted out. I might even try for a smaller size that would only hold oil or something and could hand off of the tension knob.

The little bag was actually very easy to make and you might not even need a pattern to recreate one, but I"ll write one up just in case.


pinkphish said...

Really great idea. I kicked my oil over yesterday and got it on my carpet.
Would be so good if you wrote the pattern up :-)

Bezzie said...

That's cute!

Alas, I have no place to put one on my wheel. Which is fine. I use petroleum jelly to grease my wheel. The oil doesn't really do it for me.

Zonda said...

Cute lil' bag!

Monika said...

That's a great idea, and it turned out wonderful! I'm always in trouble, looking for my oil, because I have one for my two wheels. A little bag would be great for it!

bockstark.knits said...

super cute!!!

Deb said...

"Pimp My Wheel" would have been a better title!! That';s a great idea and a darling bag too.

Mom said...

Fab bag! You are definately the "bag lady".

betzi said...

Very cute bag! I would love to see a pattern: I've tried a couple of my own that didn't turn out nearly so cute!