Friday, February 06, 2009

Handspun Friday - Primal

This is the latest addition to my growing collection of handspun yarn. I currently have to stored in a basket, but I think I'm going to need a bigger basket. I'm spinning the yarn much faster than I'm knitting.

I was please to get such a nice thick squishy yarn this time. It is somewhere between a worsted and bulky weight. It is nice and soft too.

The colors are nice a muted. This is the next to last yarn I started over my holiday vacation. Next week I'll be sharing my first attempt at chain plying.

Geddesburg Handspun Yarn

Fiber: Flawfull FIbers
Content: Rambouillet
Color: Primal
Fiber Preparation: top
Weight: 3.9 oz
Yardage: 230 yards
WPI: 9-10 wraps per inch
Spinning Style: worsted
Spinning Ratio: 10 to 1
Plying Ratio: 10 to 1
Notes: hand wash; 2 ply


mom said...

Beautiful again! That's the problem with loving to do many different things -- you can only get one thing done at a time. And then you also have to make time for family things that don't involve knitting, spinning etc.
I've always thought it better to have too many things going than not enough. You are doing wonderful work! Keep it up!

Jewel said...

Beautiful Color!!

Kaye said...

Very nice! I like the mutedness of the colors. Can't wait to see your chain-plying adventures.

Karen said...

Gorgeous yarn! I love the colorway!

Zonda said...

Gorgeous! Interesting how it all started in the braid though :) Can't wait to see your chain plied

spin-knit said...

What wpi is this wool?

Deb said...

Like the line in "Jaws" - "I think we're gonna nedd a bigger boat!" Have you though about selling your stuff - nah, I couldn't get rid of it either!!

cpurl17 said...

You're just too talented. If you ever take up Deb's suggestion above, put me on your mailing list!!

Esoteric Knitter said...

ooohhhh nice!