Friday, November 09, 2007

Fiber Friday - Sakura Sweater

In the spirit of Norovember, I'm going to try and highlight the Noro yarns that are currently in my stash for all the FIber Fridays that are in November. I'm thinking I have enough different yarns to show.

So, first up is Noro Sakura. I bought this yarn while it was on sale and ended up with three different colors of it in total. I used the pink color (#6) to make a dream swatch. I also have some blue (#1) stashed away that I'm going to use for Monika's Cherry Blossom Shawl and then I also have the color in these pictures, green (#5), that I'm going to use for a lightweight sweater.

I've even gone ahead and done up a guage swatch for my sweater. I am right on target accorfding to the pattern at 6 stitches per inch. The sweater will be the Portland Sweater pattern from Webs - it was design for one of their Vally Yarns. It seems like it will be vey easy to knit both sleeves and them pick up and knit the body. There will be no seaming at all.

Yarn Details
Brand: Noro
Yarn Name: Sakura
Color: #5
Fiber Content: 36% Rayon, 28% Polyester, 18% Nylon, 11% Silk,
Skein Weight: 40 grams
Yardage: 147 yards
Yarn Weight: DK


Monika said...

This colorway is totally awesome! The Portland sweater I like as well! You have so many projects lately, and all of them are beautiful!

cpurl17 said...

That's great idea! I have noro stashed up for my lizard ridge and the colors are so pretty.

elizabeth said...

Oh no! Now there's another sweater on my list! I think I'll let you knit this one first. :o)

Stacie said...

me likey norovember! I love that sweater, and the girl wearing it has the nicest smile!!

Mom said...

I like that Portland Sweater! That shoulder treatment is really nice. Love the color too. As I was going to some of the links you had (from the other things you were making) I saw something called "Smoking Hot Socks" that I thought were really cute. Now if I can just get back there to see if I can find the patterns....

Bezzie said...

Ooo...I really like that color!

gilraen said...

Beautiful yarn! I've never seen it here in the UK! :)

Batty said...

Pretty! It's so vivid and so green. I'm currently obsessed with green things, maybe that's part of the reason I find it so irresistible.