Friday, November 02, 2007

Fiber Friday - Mas Acero

I got this yarn while I was at SAFF. The Brooks Farm booth was great. They had several nice yarns and each yarn came in a good variety of colors. The one I ended up choosing feels very soft and seems like it will drape very well.

I'm planning on knitting a simple shrug with this yarn. I got the pattern while I was at SAFF too. I'm trying not to buy random yarn anymore. My goal is to have a pattern or project in mind when I buy something. I looked at my stash a last week and saw so many things that I want to knit. I'll never get to them if I keep buying all the new yarn I see.

I did decide to go ahead and get this because I had a specific project in mind and I could get this yarn at the local shop. I love the colors and the feel of it. I'm really looking forward to getting it all knitted up to wear.

Yarn Details
Brand: Brooks Farm Yarns
Yarn Name: Mas Acero
Fiber Content: 60% Super Wash Wool / 20% Silk / 20% Viscose
Skein Weight: 8 ounces
Yardage: 550 yards
Notes: 2 skeins; heathered look


elizabeth said...

I have a hank of the smaller Acero from last year and love it; wish I'd bought more! I'm trying to be more mindful in my purchases too.

Mary, Mary... said...

I love those colors and the fiber content is good for TX--must resist. Oh yeah, start spinning and watch how fast you accumulate another stash...;)

Batty said...

Beautiful colors. It's posts like this that make the stash grow.

turtlegirl76 said...

Ooooh pretty! I got a similar colorway but with purples instead of green. I blame you.

Monika said...

Beautiful colors!Anything with viscose in it, is wonderful to touch. ;o)

Zonda said...

It is beautiful! Can't wait to see it knit into your shrug! It'll be so soft!

cpurl17 said...

Brooks Farm is a MUST SEE when they come to Stitches. That's a beautiful skein!

IrishgirlieKnits said...

That is a gorgeous colorway and such pretty yarn!

I have to agree with you on the yarn buying strategies too! So many projects, so little time. And I'm talking the yarn I already have!

gilraen said...

Oh another georgeous skein and fabulous photographs!! :)

jackie said...

yeah--i spent almost all of my moeny at brooks farm, too. i got a hank of this yarn plus a bunch of other stuff--even a christmas present! your pictures are fabulous!

ps--still can't belive you work downstairs from me!

Yvonne said...

Love the MACERO! I will buy Brooks Farm every time I'm near their booth. It's shameless, really.