Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Kitties and the UFO

A couple weeks ago I mentioned an unfinished object I had started out of some inexpensive boucle yarn. This picture shows the item just over halfway finished. Halfway would be where the split is and everything to the left of that. Imagine that there is as much on the right side of the split that there is on the left side. I was then going to fold the top down to meet the bottom and sew up each side part way to make arm holes. The project was to be sort of a cross between a wrap and a poncho. The main idea was to have it to wrap up in on the couch.

I still think the original idea for the project was good. I just had several mistakes and no desire to fix them or reknit the entire thing. I mentioned that I was going to throw it out, but Bezzie made a great suggestion of just binding off what was finished and letting the kitties have it as a blanket for their bed. So I did; and they love it! I've laid it on top of an ottoman that sits in our family room that the kitties took over as there perch.

Here is Gravy all curled up in her new blanket and she loves it! Gravy likes to hide and she has at least one hiding place in the house we can't find. One day over the holidays Gravy had been unseen for several hours. We searched the entire house and the woods surrounding the house. But no luck, we couldn't find her anywhere. We were sure she had gotten out somehow. A couple more hours passed and she just showed up in the living room. So crisis averted, but we still have no idea where she was hiding.

Biscuit likes the blanket too - she can't even be bothered to open her eyes for the picture. She almost never leaves the ottoman during the winter months, unless you open the pantry door! She can hear that from anywhere in the house. She is just sure you are going in there to get her a treat! The vet told us Biscuit is too fat - so we've had to cut down her treats. She had some dandruff on her back and I asked the vet about it and was told not to worry too much - that sometimes cats just get too fat and lazy and don't groom themselves. She's lost a little weight, so we are on the right track.

Thanks for the great idea for the kitty blanket; it's a big hit!


Anonymous said...

Awww...they've got that look of supreme kitty contentness on their faces! Way to go!

Anonymous said...

Happy kitties! :-D Their new blanket is yummy. They look blissed out.

I once returned home to discover my house had been broken into (they didn't get much but replacing the door they ruined was $$$) and my cats were traumatized by it. I rounded up all but one cat (Zander). My roommate and I ransacked the house for three hours looking for him indoors and out. How do you lose a 25-pound cat?

Just as I was losing hope, I heard a "mew". I called his name and followed the responses. It was coming from the kitchen. My mammoth cat had wedged himself three feet off the ground between the wall and the back of the fridge.

Jake liked to hide in the bottom drawer of my computer desk.

They are Master Hiders when they want to be.

Anonymous said...

Awww! How cute. Maybe if I do this for my kitties, they'll leave my yarn alone!