Thursday, October 05, 2006

A Nice Thank You Present

My downstream secret pal, Helen (purlpower) sent me a very nice thank you gift for spoiling her during the recent sp round. It was a very nice surprise and very much appreciated. Thank you Helen!

I love the sheep pictured on the note she sent. Looks like he has dreadlocks. She also sent me a lovely ball of Rowan Big Wool in a nice white and beige color that will be knitted up into a cozy hat for the upcoming winter.

She also included me a trial size Marmite that I have promised to try, but have been putting off so far, but I will try it. After all, she tried some of the questionable treats that I sent to her. I sent off some Boston Baked Beans (candy) and some Halloween Peeps. I guess those can be kind of scary if you aren't used to them! She did some wonderful chocolate though - and you can see an empty wrapper in the background. I didn't even wait to take the picture before diving in. I'll let you know what I think about the Marmite.


Bezzie said...

Marmite is like spreading beer dregs on a slice of yeasty! At least to me!

But how sweet is your downstream SP spoiling you! Aww!


We want to hear about the marmite!

Remember it takes at least three attempts before you enjoy it!

Susan said...

Careful with the Marmite. You do know, don't you, to apply only a thin coating to bread? I'm presuming it's akin to Vegemite, which I tried as a foreign exchange student to Australia about 20+ years ago. I slathered it on like it's butter. Not pleasant, and I never acquired the taste for it, but can't wait to read what you think of it!