Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Rock and Weave Update

I've been working on my Rockin' Sock Club socks and so far I have one cuff and part of the second finished. It is nice to have such an unusual sock pattern to try out. This is really out of the ordinary for me - I had never seen a sock that was constructed with a separately knit cuff.

I have decided to keep the right side of the linen stitch on the outside of the cuff. Although I do think both sides of the stitch pattern are very nice. I think the linen stitch pattern would make a nice scarf too because of that. It is kind of a dense fabric not really stretchy - which might be why the designer chose to use buttons on the cuffs.

The cuffs are going quickly when I actually sit down to knit. I just need to do it. I'm hoping that I will have one completed sock after this weekend. The feet of the sock are in stockinette and should go pretty quickly once I can get the stitches picked up and started.

You can see an accidental little bobble or something in the second cuff - it's up by the needle. I have frogged that back and fixed it. I wasn't going to, but one I saw it in the picture - I had no choice. There are similar little features in other parts of the cuffs and I'm not going to fix those. But when I saw this one on my monitor, I just couldn't leave it alone. These little imperfections have always been the bane of my existence in crafting. I've given up projects and whole areas of crafts for less. Ask my mom, her attic is full of abandoned projects and crafts I started at some point. It would just take to long to fix every mistake. When I start a new craft and I can't get a finished project in a reasonable amount of time, I lose interest in the whole thing. I've gotten better with age though. It was really hard when I was just learning to knit. I was always frogging - never actually completing anything. The lady teaching me to knit finally talked me into just finishing something and letting the little things go. So, that's what I'm doing now. I'm trying to let those little things go, hoping my skills will improve over time.

This picture shows the edge of the first cuff and my first attempt at button holes and picot bind-off. I do like the picot edging. It did skew the edge of the cuff a little - but I think that will block out. The button holes look a little bit wonky to me, but maybe they won't look so bad when they are actually buttoned up.

I'm knitting this pattern as written. I know that some are changing the linen stitch pattern slightly. It seems that some are having problems with the slip stitch edges. Some are having problems keeping the edge stitches tight. I don't think my edges are too loose. Another issue for some seems to be that the left and right edges on the cuff do not match when knitted according to the pattern.

I know that some of the clever knitters on the Sock Club KAL have posted some solutions to this, but I decided it doesn't bother me. The cuff edge on the left in the picture above is the edge where the rest of the stitch will be picked up. The edge on the right will be on "top" of the cuff. I betting that I won't be able to see the difference once the sock is finished. Hopefully I'll have another update on this project at the end of the weekend.


Fidget said...

These are so cool!

Zonda said...

They are looking great so far! At first I wasn't going to make them, but after seeing quite a few done, I decided I am...when, not sure LOL!

Mom said...

Not having seen a photo of a finished pair, I'm having trouble visualizing what they look like. I love the colors. I agree with the theory of skipping over some smaller mistakes and just finish it. It seems to work for me in quilting.