Sunday, June 11, 2006

K is for Kayak

I had to go all the way back to my honeymoon to come up with something for the letter K. Our honeymoon was a sailing trip in the British Virgin Islands. It was absolutely wonderful. Just the two of us (and the three person crew; one person was a chef!) for what was definitely the best vacation of our lives. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience.

The sail boat had two kayaks aboard that we used several times during the trip. The picture above was taken one evening when we decided to paddle over to a little deserted island the boat had anchored off for the night.

The tricky part was getting in and out of the kayaks from the boat. The crew actually would take the kayaks in and out of the water each time for us, but we had to use the boat's ladder to go up and down to the kayaks. My husband kept the camera handy for each trip thinking I was sure to fall into the water. I can't blame him - I'm not the most graceful person. He doesn't call me his little ballerina for nothing! But luckily I made each trip to and from the kayak unscathed.

Here you can see where the kayaks were stored when not in use and my husband's favorite place on the boat. The hammock was towards the bow of the boat. It was very relaxing to sway with the waves and relax in the sun. My husband spent a lot of time "reading" as you can see.

I'm hoping someday we can go back. The islands were beautiful. I could live there forever.


Mom said...

Wow! What else can you say???

Bezzie said...

Nice K! Maybe you can go back for an anniversary trip someday?