Saturday, January 28, 2006

Wait, I'm joining too!

I have finally decided on a project for The 2006 Knitting Olympics. I've decided to knit socks. I haven't picked a sock pattern yet, but it will definitely be a pair of socks. That was to be a goal this year to actually knit some socks. I have the appropriate needles. I have dpns and Addi Turbos in the right sizes. I even learned to knit using two circular needles for small diameter items.

I've been planning on knitting socks for a long time. I even have the yarn. Oh, do I have the yarn.

Sometime last year I decided I would love to knit socks.So every time I saw sock yarn - into the shopping basket it went. Never mind I have never finished or even started a single sock. But I had the right spirit - of course I can knit sock; I just haven't yet. So of course I should get that lovely sock yarn! I have so far managed to stash away a collection of sock yarn that contains Koigu, Opal, Trekking XXL, Regia, Mountain Colors, Lorna's Laces, Online, Wildfoote, Blauband.....

Well you get the idea. It's not right that all that yarn is just sitting in my stash and I haven't even knitted one sock.So, by the end of The Knitting Olympics, I intend to have a completed pair of socks to wear. If the socks are not complete, I will seriously consider trading away all that sock goodness hiding in my stash. Watch this blog and the Knitty swap thread for updates.The pictures here show some of the Koigu that I have hoarded away for socks. I don’t intend to use this for my first pair – but hopefully I’ll get to it soon.


Amy said...

I love the yarn and this has inspired me. I signed up to join the olympics and have decided I will cave in to my yarn store owner demands and make socks. I love a fun pair of socks and buy them all the time. Hope the project goes well for you. I've never done socks either, frankly been afraid, so we'll have to keep in touch for support.

zibibbo said...

oh gourds! Lovelylovelylovely yarn. Especially that last pic, all those colors. If it happened to be going to swap - o - rama please give me a heads up!