Friday, January 20, 2006

Sherman and the Magic Purple Hat

Okay, you got me, the hat isn't magic, but it is purple and felted! That makes for a pretty okay hat.

The hat was knit with Lamb Pride's bulky in three shades of purple following a fiber trends pattern. The hat has dried over a medium sized mixing bowl.

The scarf is a mistake rib scarf in Noro Kureyon #90. I think I used about 4 skeins for the scarf.

Both were big hits with my mom, who was the intended recipient. She decided to dress my dog up while we were visiting for Christmas.

Sherman was a good boy and very tolerant of being dressed up, but he looks really silly. He is a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. He was two this October. He's a big boy, but very sweet. He weighs in at about 130 pounds, so he is no dainty thing. But he's a keeper.


Anonymous said...

What a great blog.

Are there any more pictures of the swissy with the "knit-wear" ?

omknitter said...

This is such a cute pic. I wish my dog would sit for 5 seconds so I could get a pic of him with some FOs!

Amy said...

very much Sherman's colors. My 2 girls would never let me do that to them, kudos to Sherman and you. I love the hat