Thursday, April 19, 2012

Norway Vest for Widget

I still haven't plied that yarn, but I remembered something I could show you was completed in my non blogging period.

I started with this yarn.  It is hand spun Blue-faced Leicester that i got from my Hello Yarn Club days. It was spun up and shared on this blog back in October 2009. It sat in a trunk of hand spun that sits in the upstairs hall until sometime last year. I went searching for something suitable in my stash to knit up a vest for widget. He seems to be drawn to things that are blue and orange - so this seemed like a good yarn to start with - plus there was over 500 yards.

I looked and looked, but cannot find any pictures I took of just the fiber itself before I started working. But I did a quick search on Flickr and found one that the dyer herself took if you are interested in seeing the complete progression.

I didn't take tradition finished object photos - so I decided to dig up what photos I had of the vest in action.

Here it is in all its glory. I love the stripes that the Navajo plying created. It's been awhile since this project was finished- so I don't remember what pattern was used. But I will say that it is a simple v neck vest with a stitch pattern throughout the body.

The stitch pattern gets completely lost in the colors and stripes. It really wasn't worth the effort other than a little entertainment to avoid row after row of stockinette stitch.

The finished size is definitely roomy and it wall last through at least the next fall season. I have a couple skeins and fiber braids set aside for mores vests this next fall and I think I will try for a full sweater for him out of hand spun.

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