Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Travels of a Dishcloth

This story began over at Trek Casts On. Trek posted several tales of her dishcloths and their adventures at work. In August I read the story of her southern Redneck Rag. I didn't know if you could really find a true southern made redneck rag in New Jersey, so I sent her one that I made in North Carolina. The humble little cloth had a starring role in a post entitled North Meets South on Trek's blog. Well, I think the Dixie Dishcloth I made got attached to big city living and decided not to come home.

Check out what Trek sent to me to let me know that Dixie was doing all right. It's a garterlac potholder! I've wanted to try this technique - and plan to as soon as my current working list gets whittled down a little bit. You can see the tale of this potholder, One is the Loneliest Number, on Trek's blog. I've had that song in my head since I originally read the post.

The potholder is blue on one side and a bright sunny yellow on the reverse. It is two dishcloths sewn together and there is a hanging loop that is half yellow and half blue too. I know she stitched these together somehow - but she did such a great job you can't see the stitches.

Take a look at the close up of the garterlac. I think it will look good in some of the variegated colors too. I am sorry to say I have no cool action shots of the potholder actually working yet. The weather has been nice and I haven't handled a hot pot all week. But it is sitting on the kitchen counter at the ready. Thanks Trek!


trek said...

You're welcome. Dixie is doing very well. I'll supply cornbread and sweet tea and even fried chicken but I draw the line at okra and collard greens. She gets tomatoes and green beans insetad.

Zonda said...

How cool! :)