Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Stitch Marker Swap - Part 2

I got four new sets of stitch markers from the swap. So I need to thank everyone for their work and creativeness. This first set is from Sarah Mackey (sarahjanet). I like the little alphabet beads she used to spell KNIT. The cute little bee charm just makes the fifth marker.

The second set is from Nicole Kent (hotmama). I love the combination of the glass and metallic beads. The markers are on nice larger rings and will be perfect to use on my upcoming felting projects.

This set is from Rachel Young (PrincessRach84). She did a great job of attaching the rings to the markers - you can't even see a knot or join at all. I love the beads - I have some just like the speckled one she used. The bunny hugs button has been pinned to my knitting bag already.

Vesna Gronosky (batty) sent the fourth set. These remind me of raspberry candies. I love the color. I never thought about using tiger tail (flexible beading wire) for the markers, but what a great idea! They move nicely across my needles and don't add any unnecessary bulk. She did send a set of five. There are only three pictured here because the other two are already being used!

Thanks to all for such nice markers.



Those markers are all gorgeous!

So who was upstream and downstream SP7s? Are you going to do a reveal?

Bezzie said...

Wow, those look great!! I've got stitch marker making envy! Mine never look that good.

Angela said...

These are all gorgeous...especially the red raspberry ones in tiger tail...maybe I can get DH to make some for me?


Zonda said...

Love the stitchmarkers! It's nice to have a variety of them isn't it!