Saturday, August 26, 2006

P is for Passiflora

I bought this passion flower vine at the local farmer's market last year. I planted it in the backyard and trained it to grow up a trellis. It grew pretty large but I never saw one flower. I was told that the variety I purchased would not overwinter in our area and come back. This spring I pulled up all the dead vine and even put the trellis away in the garage.

I was out watering some plants and imagine my surprise when I took a peak behind some bushes and saw a huge vine covered with these flowers!

I'm not really sure if the plant set seed last year or actually came back from the roots, but if it is willing to stay and grow - I'm going to try and keep it! This is probably the only plant the deer haven't eaten this year.

I'm going to have to get the trellis back out. I Think I will try and find a purple variety for next year. I love these flowers - they are just so strange.


Zonda said...

Gorgeous!!!! So lovely! Wonderful photography!! :)

Mintyfresh said...

drop-dead gorgeous. i love when plants that they tell you won't come back come back. I had that once with some flowering plants in pots on my deck!

Angela said...

I had this happen with a clemetis, too.
It came up for 2 years without flowering until this year. The blooms are lovely:)

Your vine is gorgeous:)


Batty said...

So beautiful. And your pictures, too. I admire people who make things grow. It's a gift.

Elizabeth said...

Wow! Breathtaking.

Some flowers that are on the borderline for hardiness can survive in a sheltered spot or southern exposure. Maybe that's what happened here.

Bezzie said...

It didn't end up just surviving--it flourished! Love it!

Amy said...

wow, looks wonderful!

Susan said...

I love this flower too. It grows wild here in north Florida. When I worked at Kennedy Space Center in central Fla, it was all over the nature reserve on which the center is located. We have the purple variety here and it's pretty hardy, so maybe yours is as well. I planted one by seed (under fluorescent light) and then transplanted it outdoors, where it seems to have taken. I think this plant has spreading roots, so perhaps yours rooted well and may indeed reappear year to year. Hope so! Thanks for the lovely photos!

Anonymous said...

I love this it is beautiful!!!
Was wondering if you have gotten seeds from it or a new starter plant by chance!! I have seeds in a pretty purple and white similar to this if you are willing to trade!!
What a beauty!!