Saturday, August 05, 2006

N is for Needles

Knitting needles of course. As I scoured the house and yard for N, I found these. I keep them on my desk in a old cut glass vase. These are actually all the straight needles I own. I did have one set of Balene needles; they were actually the first needles I ever tried. I didn't like the flexibility of the needles. I thought they were too bendy. I never even completed a project on them. They were donated to someone learning to knit.

So these needles were my alternative. I love the fact they come in a variety of colors. A lot of the organization I do is by colors. Color and the cost were what made these attractive. But I never really got comfortable holding a project on these needles. I always ended up holding them awkwardly, so I tried a bamboo circular needle. I thought they were nice, but a little grabby with certain yarns. But I really was more comfortable holding the circular needles for knitting.

So I bought a Addi Turbo needle at the LYS and was hooked. I've been thinking about trying one of the interchangeable sets that are available, but I think it would just be too fiddley to mess around trying to put needles together. What are your favorite needles and why?


cpurl17 said...

They look so pretty, like candy! I keep some of my needles in a vase too!

Zonda said...

Nice picture!!

I like my addi turbos ok, but the naturas (w/bamboo) are pointier and I love them! I have Denises, and they are OK, just hard to move the knitting along. Just got a few of the new interchangeables to try.. My straights are sitting in a case LOL! Used to be in a vase!

Elizabeth said...

Lovely picture. What a great skill, to take something so everyday and make it look beautiful.

Amy said...

I use circulars for everything. Love my addis for socks but use bamboo..I love the feel of the wood

Bezzie said...

Great picture!!!!!

I love my Boyes. Everyone's all enraptured with their Addi's and their new KP Options--but I love the cheapy sharpness of the Boye circular set.

I've got about the same amount of straights as you do too!!!

Sarah said...

Nice pic!

Hmmmm, my favorite needles...I really like my one Addi circ., and the Denise set for the flexibility. I really liked the Pony Pearl DPNs I had for socks, but they break at the tips. So I'm using bamboo...which seems like I could break it at any time!

Really, I'll use just about anything. Except Balenes. I hated those. I hated the tips more than anything. That little bubble point thing. Ick!

Stephy said...

Purty colors.

I actually like straight needles, rosewood or bamboo, if they aren't too long.

For circs, I like the Addi or Crystal Palace bamboo.

But has anyone else noticed this--do you ever have a craving for a certain needle? I'll give you one example: I was knitting the little Alchemy Bamboo head wrap thing from Knit and Tonic and just couldn't imagine doing it on anything other than a short Addi Turbo--I had to go out and buy one! It would've taken all the fun out of it to use anything else.

ladylinoleum said...

I have to say that I bought myself a set of Denise needles last year and actually, those are my favorites now. I recently purchased a 40" connector and I just feel as if I can make anything now! I love my Addis and bamboos too, but I'm definitely hooked on plastic.