Monday, March 13, 2006

Meet Biscuit & Gravy

Well I figured it was about time to exploit the kitties. I've exposed Sherman to the internet by name, photo, and deed. I've only mentioned the kitties by name. It's their turn for a little exposure. The kitties are about 4 years old and are from the same litter. We got them when while we were living in a townhouse and a puppy was out of the question. There was a neglected neighborhood cat that we took care of sometimes. We actually even bathed her a couple times so we could bring her in the house to stay through bad weather. So when a friend told us that she knew of some kitties that were looking for a home, we went and brought two home. We just knew we wanted a cat of our own.

This is Biscuit. She is by far the most dominant of the two. She is aloof and really doesn't seem to care much about people either way. Her main concern is food. If you have food (or catnip) she'll follow you till the ends of the earth. If you don't you have any treats, you'll be lucky to get a passing glance. She's bigger than here sister and quite the bully. She'll push Gravy out of the way for food. We've tried the tow plate thing two. Biscuit will try and muscle Gravy out and eat both dishes. I often sneak little treats to Gravy when the thug isn't around.

And this is Gravy. She's lighter than Biscuit in color and weight. I think biscuit eats all her food. She likes people a little more than Biscuit, but she is very nervous and scared. She runs away at any noise or movement at all. And if we have company, she won't come out until they are gone. She also has a nervous habit of pulling out chunks of her fur. She doesn't do damage to her self, just leaves all these little hair clumps all over the place. The only remedy the vet could come up with was putting her on kitty prozac. Now, I don't know about you, but giving a cat a pill a day doesn't seem relaxing or calming for anyone involved.

So that is a quick look at the feline members of our house. They are the laziest things I have ever seen. They really didn't even play much when they were small. Occasionally they scrap a little or Biscuit will play chase with Sherman. But usually it's just a nap on the ottoman or in the sill of an open window.

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Amy said...

OH what cute little kitties, it seems there's always a bully in the group. I wouldn't worry about the prozac. I do pet behavior counseling and that kind of behavior isn't that unheard of, don't some of us what to run and hide when certain people show up :)