Thursday, March 09, 2006

Dog Day Afternoon

Looking at this photo of my puppy and his friends always cheers me up a little. My goofball is the one on the far left with his tongue hanging out. I love the scowls the brothers Kasey and Kaiser have going on - perfect for my day today. I think this week should officially declared over. I definitely have spring fever going on and this week and on the whole it has actually been a pretty craptacular week! The weather is warming up though and I want out of this cubicle hell for a while. A little change of pace would do me some good. All this conditioned recirculated air is driving me nuts. I feel like I am working inside an episode of The Office. If you haven't seen this show yet, you should. It is one of the best on TV.

If I stand on my tip toes I can see a sliver of outside through a distant window. I wish I could smell the clean outside air instead of the nasty lunch the person next to me is eating and hear the birds instead of the annoying personal cell phone calls that seem to be going on. I mean do I really need to know my co-worker's deepest thoughts on the merits of serving mac & cheese instead of potatoes? And I certainly don't need to hear that damn Copacabana ringtone again either. But apparently this dinner choice is significant and it must be discussed with everyone under the sun. The rest of my co-workers are either on the internet or have left early for some meaningful task like getting a manicure or doing homework for their kids. Or hell, a couple of them probably just left early because it is Thursday. That would certainly meet the usual criteria around this asylum.

That is enough of a rant for now; I'll save the rest for when I get home. I'm sure my husband will love that! I'll just spend the rest of my lunch break outside and take a quick walk; it will help to escape even if only for a little while.

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Lori said...

That picture just cracks me up! Sorry your week was such a crapper! It's over now. Enjoy! Also, I love that your cats are named Biscuit and Gravy. I have two cats named Butter and Jelly and their last name is Bean!! I also have a large Rottweiler named Tiny! : )