Friday, April 03, 2009

Handspun Friday - 3 Ply 2 Ways

I joined another spin along and this time the dyer, All Spun Up, said the fiber would be Bluefaced Leicester, but the color was a surprise. I love the combination of the blues and browns.

I ended up with eight ounces of fiber and decided I wanted to spin the fiber a little different than I normally do. I decided to try for a nice thick chain plied yarn to try and keep the color repeats together. So that is how I spun up the first four ounces. I tried for a low twist single in an effort to keep everything fluffy and light. But in several places I didn't put enough twist and my singles came apart while I was plying.

I decided to do a true three ply yarn with the other four ounces and I enjoyed spinning and plying that a lot more. I thought it would also be interesting to see how different the finished yarns look. I think it will be fun now to see how each actually knits up. I'm thinking I'll try for a pair of socks out of the regular three ply and a hat or maybe mittens if there is enough yardage in the chain plied skein.

Geddesburg Handspun Yarn

Fiber: All Spun Up
Content: 100% Bluefaced Leicester
Weight: 4.05 ounces - chain plied skein
3.95 ounces - 3 ply skein
WPI: 8 WPI average - chain plied skein
15 WPI average - 3 ply skein
Yardage: 172 yards - chain plied skein
300 yards - 3 ply skein
Notes: hand wash


Julie said...

I love the blues and browns; very pretty. I'm anxious to see how the two differ when knit.

Monika said...

Yummy! Sensational colores! I like both ways. Plese hurry up knitting with it, I'd like to see how it looks! :o)

Dave said...

I love seeing how the same fibre looks in different situations, and these are my FAVOURITE colours -- good stuff!! :-)

Jewel said...

That is the same colors that I'm spinning right now. Will not right this very minute. Love It!!!

Kaye said...

Mmm...blueberry chocolate chip!

Batty said...

Very pretty! I've seen a lot of pale blue/brown combinations, but I really like the bright colors here. They make each other pop.

mom said...

Wow what a difference the spinning makes. Love the color combo! Can't wait to see them in a project.

Zonda said...

OOHH Very pretty blues and browns!

Karen said...

Beautiful yarns! I am partial to the true three ply. Well this time anyway.