Monday, October 20, 2008

Faceted Ribbed Socks

Between the dark ride to work and the new puppy, knitting time has been scarce. I did manage to finally finish this pair of socks though.

The pattern was an easy four row repeat and after one round I didn't have to look at the pattern anymore. It is a slip stitch pattern and those are supposed to work well with variegated yarn and prevent pooling. I didn't really get what I would think of as true pooling, but more of a cross between stripes and pooling.

The knitted fabric is interesting it has a great texture and overall look, but it is kind of thick and used up my yarn quickly. Even though the socks are thick, I find the feel of them to be very pleasant, even in shoes. I did have extra yarn, so I could have made these a bit longer, but I was really tired of knitting them and so they are a little shorter than my average pair. I think the only reason that they even got finished was because the project was sitting in the living room next to the chair where I usually sit.

I love the colors in the yarn and I love the pattern. I'd probably even knit the pattern again, but somehow the combination of the two just misses the mark for me.Oh well, on to the next project

Project Info

Pattern: Faceted Ribbed Socks
By: Charlene Church and Beth Parrott
From: The Little Box of Socks
Yarn: Hello Yarn Sock; 395 yards per skein
Color: Sour
Needles: addi TURBO Lace Needles - US# 1 (2.5 mm)
Notes: pattern was knit toe-up with a short row heel


Deb said...

Sweet - yarn and finished socks!!

Monika said...

Finished socks are always good. Lovely stitch pattern too.

Bezzie said...

I don't think the pooling looks too bad. It's not as obvious as many of the socks I have in my drawer--hee hee! I like them!

Emily said...

Love 'em!

Esoteric Knitter said...

Love the colorway! BTW, what kind of bind off to you do for your toe-up socks?

Zonda said...

Very nice colorway!! I agree, some minimal pooling, not a lot though, lucky you!

IrishgirlieKnits said...

Love that pattern and colorway together!! Those are some purty socks!!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty!

Anonymous said...

oooh pretty!