Wednesday, April 09, 2008

One Stitch at a Time

I've been working on my Lady Eleanor Stole from Scarf Style and I'm almost half way finished. I think I'm currently on skein five out of ten to twelve. It is a project that I've anticipated for quite awhile and I'm looking forward to having it finished. The picture shows the back of the stole. I'm leaving the front side for the reveal of the finished project.

I'm enjoying knitting this so much that I've even started to think of knitting a second one. I think I have a couple of choices in my stash that would work. I have some Silk Garden Lite that would work. I really like how the self striping yarn works with the pattern. I would like to spin something that would stripe like that.

I've seen so many little projects that people carry around and knit while they are in line or waiting at a Dr.'s office, but I've never kept a project like that handy before. I've started carpooling with a couple ladies from work; each of us will take turns and drive a week at a time. So I'll have a two week stretch of time I won't be driving so I think this might be a good time to give a project like this a try.

I decided the first project has got to be easy. So I picked a skein of sock yarn that has been hanging around a while and I'm planning a pair of simple ribbed socks. I have no idea how long it will take to finish these socks if I only work on them in the car. Hopefully it'll work out well. I think I picked the ugliest skein of yarn I had to start with though. It kind of looks like self-stripping clown barf.

The other active project on my needles is a bit of homework for a class tonight. I'm going to take a Fair Isle 101 class this evening. I was sent an assignment that needs to be completed before coming to class. The project is going to be some sort of headband and several rows had to be done in advance. I'm using Knit Picks Comfy for the project. It is a cotton and acrylic blend that feels incredibly soft.

I know I'll enjoy the class, but I'm hoping I"ll enjoy doing the work too. I'd love to be able to knit some Fair Isle hats and incorporate the techniques into the yoke of a sweater or something.

I've been spinning too, but that can wait until Friday.


Meghann said...

So you like the Comfy yarn? I've been thinking about picking some up to make a jumper for my daughter.

Lauren said...

Lady Eleanor is going to look amazing.

I can't wait to see what you make in your fair isle class!

Zonda said...

Lady E is going to be gorgeous!! Hehe..I like that sock yarn! Maybe 'cause of the yellow LOL! ;)

Well, my car knitting sock 1 took about 6 months, sock 2 less than a week when it was let loose out of the car. Have fun at Fair Isle class, can't wait to see your project.

gilraen said...

There is always a colorfest on your blog!! Beautiful Eleanor. :) Is all the same shade?

Monika said...

You've been quite busy! I like entrelac as well, but have knit only socks so far. There's another Annetrelac sock I'd like to try. The sock yarn might surprise you. If it's really that colorful, a simple sock is always the best choice. I could not knit in a car. I get car sick very easily.
I have some Knit Picks comfy comming to me, hopefully soon. I'm going to knit a scarf (very original, I know), but it's supposed to be soft, and I'm tired of scratchy scarves.

elizabeth said...

Lady E flies along, doesn't it? I'm about a quarter of the way done with mine. I really like that KP yarn - I'm going to check it out right now!

Mom said...

Lady E looks like it's going pretty fast. I'll have to read that pattern to understand how it's done. It looks like you are having to sew it together but that doesn't seem right to me.
I'll talk to you after your fair isle class probably....

Esoteric Knitter said...

Can't wait for the reveal of Lady Eleanor.

LOL, I kinda like the clown barf look. :)

It's so awesome that you are gonna take a Fair Isle. I'm nowhere near that level yet.

Bezzie said...

Nice Lady Eleanor!

Good job taking the class. I have flotation tension issues with fair isle. If I had spare time or bucks I could see myself doing a class like that. I like it in accents--I'm not too keen on the whole-body-fair isle.